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I help people and organizations worldwide understand and navigate these changes: what they mean, how to prepare for what's ahead, and how to not only survive but also thrive amidst the unknowns.

The new, sharing, and platform economies. The future of work and the gig economy. Global citizenship, diversity, and values. The future of travel, tourism, and talent mobility. 21st century skills and the paths less taken.

The world is changing, and I make sense of these changes from the perspective of a trusted advisor, advocate, thought leader and lifelong global citizen. I bring more than 20 years and 100 countries of experience at the 50 yard line of emerging innovation. I have a keen eye towards where the world is heading, and no greater purpose than to help build a brighter tomorrow.

April Rinne advisor


Guide to & Ally in the New Economy

If you've heard of the sharing, collaborative, platform, gig or on-demand economies, then you've come to the right place.

I focus on inclusive business innovation, policy reform, sustainable development and emerging markets. I am often called upon to build and refine strategy, broker partnerships, craft big-picture narratives, invest resources, and tackle thorny questions. My advisory roles also span the future of work, travel and insurance.

When it comes to these new tech-enabled business models: what can commerce and community, value and values, and globalization and global citizenship learn from each other? And how do we navigate the path ahead, responsibly?



Represented by The Harry Walker Agency

I speak primarily on three core topics: the new economy, future of work, and global citizenship. I connect with a wide range of audiences from companies to governments, industry associations, investors, networks, universities and non-profits. My speeches bring both professional and personal insights, and no two speeches are alike. 

For further information about my speaking, please contact The Harry Walker Agency at 646-227-4900 or info@harrywalker.com

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April Rinne writer


Encouraging New Ways of Thinking

My writing reaches a range of audiences: business, policy makers, investors, entrepreneurs and non-profits. I open eyes, cross new boundaries and encourage new ways of thinking.


Global Citizen 

Building bridges. Cross-pollinating insights and perspectives. Diversity as strength. Interdependence. Leaving the beaten path.

The world is becoming more global and interconnected every day. From multinational corporations to climate change to social and political movements, humanity's fate is increasingly intertwined.

Moreover, we are in the early stages of an historic shift of identity — increasingly less tied to any particular location — which will have far-reaching implications for business, government and society alike.

Against this backdrop, debates about globalization are taking place at an unprecedented level. And yet, we seem to have almost forgotten about the role of global citizenship. It is imperative that we turn these tides.

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