Think of me as your guide, translator and ally to navigate the new economy.


I advise organizations on the future of commerce and community, value and values, and globalization and global citizenship.

For some, new technologies present welcome change, but for others they represent the fearful unknown. How do you manage a company, a city, people or resources in a way that responsibly addresses these tensions? How do we cultivate diverse visionary leaders who understand both global connectedness and local needs?

My career has spanned the private, public and social sectors for over 20 years, and I bring deep expertise in inclusive business innovation, policy reform, sustainable development and emerging markets. I build and refine strategy, broker partnerships, craft big-picture narratives, and tackle thorny questions.

My earlier roles as an attorney, investor, teacher and guide in microfinance, impact investing, social enterprise and as legal counsel for cutting-edge innovators inform what I do today. I’m also a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), and that practice guides how I work and live. It's all connected.



Some of the organizations I advise include:


"Drop the April bomb… and good things happen."

—Patrick Robinson, Director of Public Policy, Airbnb

What I'm laser-focused on:

  • FUTURE OF WORK: Jobs and lifetime employment are on their way out, while independent work, self-employment and the gig economy are on the rise. What do these shifts mean for individuals, HR departments, policy makers, educational institutions -- and, of course, tomorrow's workforce?

  • GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP: Globalization is taking a beating worldwide. Globalization is different than global citizenship, though, which we have never needed more than today. How do we strike the right balance?

  • PUBLIC POLICY: How do we create fair, appropriate rules for new business models and tech-enabled platforms that encourage innovation and enable more people to meet their needs while minimizing potential downsides?

  • INCLUSIVE GROWTH: How do we ensure that, as new economy platforms grow, they do so in a way that benefits all of society?

  • CITIES & URBAN INNOVATION: How can new-economy platforms help city leaders, governments and public service providers? What is a Sharing City?

What I do:

  • Advise a global sharing economy startup on public policy engagement, early-stage market formation, partnerships and international expansion.

  • Support a global technology and software company on the Future of Work and the economic and policy implications of self-employment, and catalyze a series of broader, deeper conversations and partnerships as a result.

  • Advise a global startup focused on the future of travel, work and talent mobility. (Hint: Taking a Jobbatical should be a precondition for global citizenship…)

  • Guide a global startup focused on on-demand insurance, "insurtech" and risk management as it navigates the sharing economy and future of work. (Hint: Go create your Trov now.)

  • Deliver dozens of workshops, keynotes and presentations for policy makers, CEOs and social sector stakeholders in cities across Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.

  • Mentor and empower the next generation of global citizens.


"Who's your April?"

—Will Fitzpatrick, General Counsel, Omidyar Network


I also collaborate from time to time with my husband, Jerry Michalski. Jerry is a futurist and technologist who has the world's largest online Brain and is doing a deep dive into trust. For more about what we do together, look here