My Travelogues

In addition to international microfinance, I also want and intend to make international travel a key component of this blog.  I have spent much of the past several years traveling abroad, and in the course of doing so have written reams of travelogues, travel stories, anecdotes, cultural observations and the like.  Until now I had shared them only with a relatively small group of friends and family.  Now the time has finally arrived to share them -- or at least excerpts of them -- more broadly.So this is just an FYI to let you know what is coming.  I plan to post many of my previous travelogues periodically to this blog.  They can be found under the category "Travelogues," and I will also provide the year in which the travels were undertaken and the major places/countries visited (to the extent that makes sense:  managing 70+ countries may prove to be more daunting than I thought!).  As you read them, please keep in mind that I was a younger (and depending on the circumstances, more naive, more risk-seeking, more gullible...) April than I might be today.  I can't say I would necessarily write the same travelogues today, but I do believe that many of my reflections and lessons learned are universal and timeless.I look forward to sharing these travelogues with you.

April RinneTravelogues