"Youth in Microfinance": MicroBike USA + One Hen in SF

Last night I went to a reception for MicroBike USA and the One Hen children's book about microfinance.  The event was co-hosted by Wokai, SVMN and Accion and featured the six MicroBikers who cycled across the USA to raise money for -- and awareness about -- microfinance, along with One Hen author Katie Milway Smith.It was a unique opportunity to further expand the microfinance community to include "younger" generations, whether university- or elementary school-age.  My only complaint was that, if the event is titled "Youth in Microfinance" and the goal is to educate and excite youth about global economic development, then do not host it in a venue that is over-21s only.  To have to turn away the very people who you want most to attract seems to me not only counter-productive, but also an entirely preventable situation.  What about a local cafe, bookstore, school campus or neighborhood library instead?