Autumn Update: Home & Around-the-World!

My 2010 travels so far have been blessedly less frenetic than in 2009.  I've "only" been to India twice, Canada once, New York City and Washington DC each twice, and a handful of other fun locales a few times.Each trip has been memorable in its own ways.  India has seen me get really sick, twice, including my first-ever adventure to Indian hospital in July.  (Side note: Total cost for 1 doctor's visit to hotel + 1 day in hospital + 4 prescription medications = $25.  With no mention at any time of health insurance.)  Colorado meant awesome fun with my nieces Ella and Amelia, who are growing up beautifully but so fast.  A much-overdue road trip through the Midwest, from Minneapolis to Kansas City via Des Moines, turned into one big highlight: great friends, time to catch up, perfectly-fiery fall colors, open space and local flavors.  Returning to Cambridge, Massachusetts to join the Board of Directors of the World Wide Web Foundation -- a real honor and source of much excitement as I can get more involved in the technology-for-development space.  And of course, no travel series for me would be complete without spending time upside-down: here's a favorite handstand photo addition, snapped atop Camelback Mountain (in Arizona) at sunrise last month.I have really enjoyed being closer to home more often.  Not that it's been any less busy, rather just nice to water my local roots and hold more in drawers and on shelves than in a suitcase.  But that's about to (temporarily) change soon because...I'm going around the world!On November 12, 2010 I will board the first of ten flights (eight of which are international long-hauls) that will take me over the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic Oceans; across the Mediterranean and Red Seas; touching down in seven countries, from Thailand to Egypt; and bookend a variety of personal and professional dream-come-true adventures.  All in five weeks, but who's counting? (I fully admit I'm in denial of how much I'll miss some very special people back home, but hey -- let's focus on the fun stuff.)I'd like to hold on to at least a few surprises, so check back here (or more quickly, my Twitter stream) for updates on my whereabouts and goings-on.  Trekking in the Himalaya, drinking yak butter tea, exploring temples and hill towns, holding in-depth meetings with microfinance institutions (MFIs), visiting water and sanitation systems in urban slums, figuring out how women and youth and marginalized communities are tapping into mobile and internet technologies for the greatest good...Let's go!