The sharing economy. The gig economy. Tech outpacing the law. Digital natives, global nomads and "citizens of nowhere." What?!


I speak mainly on three topics:


These topics take me into all kinds of interesting adjacent themes, from cities to policy reform to the future of travel and tourism.

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The New Economy

The sharing economy makes many people excited. New ways to earn income, save money, and build community: who doesn't like that?

At the same time, some people are worried about these changes. Incumbents don't like lower barriers to entry, insurgents challenge rules that have been in place for decades. The turmoil reframes traditional relationships of power and trust. Increasingly, top-down structures are giving way to peer-driven and bottom-up solutions, from Airbnb to off-grid electricity.

What do these changes mean? From businesses and entrepreneurs, to governments and policy makers, right down to individuals and families, these changes affect us all. My speeches explain what's going on, share best responses from around the world, explore what's on the horizon and provide ideas for moving forward.

Future of Work

Every aspect of work is changing: lifetime employment is going freelance, offices are giving way to co-working spaces, and M-F 9-5 jobs are becoming flexible work schedules. There are more ways to earn income than ever before, and more ways to rethink work-life balance.

Yet income for most people is stagnating, "jobs" are growing at ever-slower pace, and automation threatens to eliminate some of the most common professions today.

How do we navigate this new territory? What should companies, policy makers, educational institutions -- and of course workers -- do to harness the benefits of these changes, while minimizing the risks? My speeches guide you along this uncharted bumpy path and towards a future of work that works for everyone.

Global Citizenship

We live in an ever-more connected and interdependent world. From climate change to global networks, movements and multi-national companies, humanity's fate is increasingly intertwined. What happens in Nigeria affects New York City, while Brazil learns from Bangladesh. Financial institutions launch ever more sophisticated services, while more than half of the world remains unbanked.

Against this backdrop, the role of global citizens has never been more important. Individual global citizens are individuals share common values, of interdependence, empathy and cross-cultural understanding. They believe diversity is a strength and see similarities even in our differences. Corporate global citizens build business models, make investments, and have organizational structures in place that create value and long-term well-being for all stakeholders. They do not benefit a few lucky stakeholders at the expense of many others.

Global citizenship and globalization are different. Global citizens understand that globalization does not benefit everyone equally, nor is it inevitably a good thing. Rather, they seek solutions to ensure that a more global community is also more equitable, sustainable and inclusive.

How do we foster global citizenship among people of all ages and walks of life? How does it affect leadership, economic development and public policy? Who are model global citizens, and what are their keys to success? My travel and work in almost 100 countries provide first-hand insights into these questions, and my speeches bring these insights to life.

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